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Brian Andrews
Michael has provided fantastic customer service over the past year and a half I have been using him for all my automotive needs.  He is always more concerned about what is best for me the customer than his bottom line and that is the reason why I will continue to use him moving forward. I have gotten my brakes replaced, purchased all 4 new tires, had my starter replaced among other things. I have  a hand me down family truck that was not kept up very well and Michael does a great job of keeping me on the road.


Tori Andrews
Ever since Michael has taken over, I won't go anywhere else. It means so much to me to have someone I can trust and recommend to my friends. The team at Northlake Auto is honest, reliable, friendly and trustworthy. They really go above and beyond here!!!


Syreeta Butler
Absolutely satisfied with my service!  About a month ago I needed my front headlight changed I had the bulb but wasn't able to unscrew it. (Everywhere else wanted to charge me $60 and higher)  Michael out of the kindness of his heart went ahead and changed it at no charge and saw my anit-freeze was low.  And he topped me off and said have a good evening.  

Now a month later, my car kept cutting off on the way to work.  I drove all the way from Douglasville trying to get to him and go to work.  He immediately looked at my car and was able to tell me the problem.  Michael's customer service is AMAZING!!!

See just from him helping me a month ago made me want to come back to him again. So now I'm paying it forward with this GREAT review.  

Response from the owner
Thanks you for the great review! We love happy customers. I wanted you to have working headlights so you would be safe. It is nice to know that a good deed paid off. Thanks again. Michael


Franklin Kao
As we all know, trust and communication are the two keys to a good auto shop, and this place excels in spades. The owner's name is Michael, and he's been the kindest and most understanding mechanic I've ever met. He's also great at clearly explaining what's going on with your vehicle and what exactly needs to be done and when.

The best example of the trust factor came recently when I was having starter issues. This was an off-and-on issue I've been having for a while, where the starter would require multiple cranks before it got going. Because he knew how big of a cost replacing the starter would be, he wanted to try everything he could so that I wouldn't need to pay so much. He eventually tried replacing the relay instead...and it ended up working like a charm! On top of that, he did not charge me for the relay since he had some spares in the shop so I got my car back without paying a cent.

I know I can always trust Michael with any car issue I have going forward because of this example and many others I've had in the past. It might look like any other car shop, but Michael makes it much more!

Response from the owner
Thanks Franklin! As you know we place honesty higher on the scale than our income. Sometimes that makes us less money but we know it is the right way to conduct business. Thanks again. Michael


Kassie Krieger
Great local business! Enjoy going in to get regular maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations etc. Honest people!


Felipe Figueroa
Everything they good ppl. They really worrie about customers and their cars. Really appreciate what they did for me. Don't need no reply Papi. This is from my heart. Best auto mechanics ever. Good luck n God bless you all!!! For real...

Response from the owner
Thanks Felipe. Stop by any time.


Sherri Beegle
They are great!  Took my car to them and they diagnosed it for free.  I had the check engine light come on in my car.  It is telling me it needed a new Knock Sensor.  I called numerous other shops and they quoted me a price to replace it.  When I called Mike at Northlake, he quoted a price(lower than the other quotes).  The next thing he did is why I am writing this review.

He explained to me that the sensor could have went off due to bad gas or a bad reading.  He offered to reset the code for free and let me drive it for a few days.  If the light does not come back on, I don't need to fix anything.  He is turning down $350 in business just to do the "right" thing for me. He has my business!

Response from the owner
Thank you for the nice review. We are always trying to save our customers some money. Hopefully the light won't come back on but if it does rest assured we can take care of it for you! Michael


Barney Atwater
Visit these friendly folks, The MacDowells. I was looking for a full synthetic oil change late one afternoon this month, and they got me in and out in 30 minutes at a price less than the shop next door. I'll be back.

Response from the owner
Sorry for the delayed response to your review. I've been busy saving people money on auto repairs! Thanks again. Michael


Nathaniel Hodges
I've had them work on replacing my spark plugs and wires. Cheapest Ive ever had the done. Going back today to have them work on my radiator and hoses.


Chris Skinner
Honest people there.  I trust them.

Response from the owner
Thank you Chris for the review. I hope the AC repair is keeping you cool! Michael


Chris J. Nelson
I love this place. Their prices are fair and they do honest work. They've fixed multiple problems with my 2005 Scion xA, including fixing a wheel bearing issue last month for $320 after a Goodyear (Bob McDonald Goodyear on East Piedmont in Marietta) told me it was a strut mount issue and a $1000 fix. The problem has been fixed and Northlake Automotive is to thank. It's a bit of a trip for me (30-40 minutes from Marietta to Tucker) but it's worth it because they are trustworthy.

Response from the owner
Thank you for your business Chris!


Ryan R
Huge thanks to Michael!